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Star Wars Insider #121

Publié : 20 oct. 2010, 13:57
par Sebastien
Alors comme d'habitude les couv' :

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Et le magnifique sommaire :mrgreen:

- Creating Clones -- Star Wars creator George Lucas and Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni on what to expect in Season Three!
- The Force Unleashed II -- Exclusive concept art from the video game event of the fall
- Inside The Old Republic -- A look behind the scenes of next year's blockbuster game
- Phantom Plastic -- The second part of Insider's history of Hasbro looks at what happened when prequel fever hit the toy stores
- Game On! -- Insider goes old-school as they pay tribute to the greatest Star Wars video game moments
- Launchpad -- Star Wars is coming back to theaters -- in 3D! Insider previews upcoming episodes of The Clone Wars and more
- My Star Wars! -- Animatronics technician Grant Imahara discusses his Star Wars favorites
- Retro -- Insider explores the wide range of collectibles based on the lovable Ewoks
- Jedi Archive -- Ladies rejoice! The galaxy's biggest scoundrel features in this issue's archive
- Classic Moment -- The full might of the Death Star is directed upon the peaceful world of Alderaan
- Books -- The Sounds of Star Wars and The Clone Wars novels
- Comics -- Star Wars Legacy -- War begins, and Quinlan Vos takes center stage in his own omnibus
- Incoming -- Hasbro goes vintage with Revenge of the Sith action figures, and Sideshow Collectibles' Ewoks attack
- Bounty Hunters -- Fans who have met Star Wars celebrities share their photos
- Bantha Tracks -- The very best of Star Wars fandom from around the world
- Red Five -- Fan film maker John Hudgens selects his favorite non-Star Wars fan films

Re: Star Wars Insider #121

Publié : 20 oct. 2010, 18:36
par Boba Fett
La couverture de Plo Koon est plutôt pas mal

Re: Star Wars Insider #121

Publié : 29 oct. 2010, 03:52
par Sebastien
Une double page.