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The Bounty Hunter Code

Publié : 21 sept. 2013, 23:00
par Sebastien
Sur le même principe que le Manuel du Jedi et le Manuel du Sith, le Code du Chasseur de Primes :)
Dispo : 29/10/13


Around the time legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett tumbled into the Great Pit of Carkoon, the Rebel Alliance discovered a secure, blast-proof bounty hunter’s case holding Boba Fett’s personal items. For years it remained hidden away. But now all who wish may unlock the secrets held within . . . .
Press the buttons, insert the data card, and the case opens with sounds and lights. Housed within is a text of great import. At some point in his career Boba Fett bound together the latest edition of the Bounty Hunters Guild Handbook and a manifesto from Death Watch, the secretive splinter group of Mandalorians. Together, these volumes make up The Bounty Hunter Code.

The handbook is an essential guide for all bounty hunters. Senior Guild members offer advice for hunters new to the Guild, a detailed list of the tools and techniques crucial to the “crimson trade,” and the basics of making a living on the margins of galactic law. Boba Fett has scrawled additions and commentary in the margins throughout, as have the bounty hunters Greedo, Bossk, and Dengar, all of whom were once in possession of the Handbook.

The Death Watch volume—part informational guide, part manifesto—is full of Death Watch history, philosophy, and discussions of key Mandalorian gear: their famous T-visors, their celebrated armor, and their impressive jetpacks. This Death Watch booklet was originally taken from Death Watch leader Tor Vizsla and given to Boba by his father, Jango Fett, and features handwritten notes from father to son. Boba in turn intended to leave it to his daughter, and so he’s added his own annotations to aid in her education. The bounty hunter Aurra Sing and the pirate Hondo Ohnaka have added their commentary as well.

Tucked beneath The Bounty Hunter Code is Cradossk’s memoir, Making a Killing, a brutal account of his rise to the top of the Bounty Hunters Guild.

From the creators of Book of Sith and The Jedi Path, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, The Bounty Hunter Code reveals the secrets of the hunt and offers insight into this demanding, dangerous, and misunderstood profession.

The case includes:

The Bounty Hunter Code
- The 48-page memoirs of Cradossk, former head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, with an inscription from the author to Boba Fett
- A Kamino saberdart
- Boba Fett’s captain's license
- Boba Fett's arms permit
- Slave I’s official operating license
- An Imperial wanted poster for Han Solo
- An inventory slip from the Rebel Alliance forces who discovered and seized Boba’s property

Re: The Bounty Hunter Code

Publié : 22 sept. 2013, 17:20
par Evan Lupin
Déjà précommandé ^^

Re: The Bounty Hunter Code

Publié : 22 sept. 2013, 18:44
par Jaden07
Que voila une bonne nouvelle!

Par contre c'est étrange d'avoir choisi de faire un manifeste du deathwatch, surtout hérité par Jango vu qu'il est absolument anti-deathwatch ( pour continuer sur la vague TCW sans doute)

Evan > tu l'as précommandé où?
Par ce que je viens de comparer amazon .fr et et il y a une différence de 35 euros entre les deux ><

Re: The Bounty Hunter Code

Publié : 23 sept. 2013, 09:45
par Evan Lupin
Je l'ai préco sur, même avec les frais de conversion, ça revient moins chère.

Par contre au final, ça revient a 52.28L. ya 5.19l de frais de port et 2.73 de taxe

Re: The Bounty Hunter Code

Publié : 06 nov. 2013, 20:30
par Evan Lupin
Reçus hier.

Comme précédemment, c'est du gadget électronique qui clignote et fait du bruit. Le saberdard est correct mais je préfère celui acheté au comic con. J'ai un peu feuilleté le livre, c'est similaire au précédente tome;

Petit plus : L'affiche de recherche de Han et Chewie, je pense en faire un agrandissement